Jewish Cemetery Walk

We will have a guided walk of a well-known Jewish Cemetery in Budapest. It is now the oldest remaining Jewish cemetery on the Pest side of the city.

Piano Concert

Hiroko Ishimoto will be performing a piano concert of famous female composers in the shadow of men

Day Trip: Market Walk near Lake Balaton

Come meander through an artisanal and farmers' market north of Lake Balaton which is filled with a variety of local, fresh produce and handmade goods.  We would like to introduce you to this special market which […]

Body and Soul

This month’s Body and Soul event will be a sound bathing session followed by coffee or lunch as the group decides. What is a sound bath?A sound bath is the […]

Movie Club Virtual Discussion

We will send out a list of Netflix movie choices to the Movie Club members as well as to anyone else who is interested, and ask them to pick a […]