Detective Day

The Budapest Ripper We have signed up for an afternoon of fun and games. We need a team of 6 people to follow the clues and solve the mystery. It […]

Book Club

Madeleine Albright’s Prague Winter: A Personal Story of Remembrance and War, 1937-1948


We'll Explore! the site of an old quarry where the writer, Mór Jóka, bought a disused, wild, rocky area in 1853 from the income of his first book. After years of work and botanical study, the […]

Market Walk

Grocery shopping in Hungary is not about going to the local supermarket and finding everything on your list. Most Hungarians go to their local market for meat, fish and fresh […]

Museum of Fine Arts: Pharaoh Amenhotep II

The exhibition presents the age of Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep II and the sensational discovery of his tomb with the life-size reconstruction of his burial chamber unearthed in the Valley of […]