River Ride

Let's do a ride on the river! We can enjoy the city sites from the water.We will take advantage of the BKK ferry and spend an hour or two cruising […]

Coffee and Chat

Join us at the Városliget Café near Heroes' Square! RSVP nawachair@gmail.com for more info

Let’s Go Dancing

KALOTASZEGI BAND Come for an evening of fun watching and learning some folkloric dances. The defining dance music of the Carpathian Basin tradition is brought to the courtyard of Zichy Castle by […]

National Holiday – St. Stephen’s Day

All stores, shops, and supermarkets will be closed this day. Read more about St. Stephen's Day which ends in a spectacular fireworks display over the Danube. Interesting to note: each year there is a contest […]

Movie Club

Club members will choose the movie on August 18.  RSVP nawachair@gmail.com