September Kick Off Meeting for 2022-2023

Join us for the first meeting of the 2022 – 2023 NAWA year as we get ready to UNMASK BUDAPEST!  For more information see "Meetings" Registration: 9:30 amMeeting starts at: 10:00 am Where: Varosliget Cafe, Olof Palme setany. 6, Budapest 1146 (next to the skating rink) Looking forward to seeing you!

Lunch Bunch

Join us for lunch after the meeting. For more details see the NAWA members Announcements or contact

Children’s Railway

 Join us for a train ride in the Buda hills. The Children's Railway is like any other railway. It has ticket offices, diesel locomotives, signals, switches and a timetable but unlike other railway lines, this one is run only by children. The line stretches from Széchenyihegy to H?vösvölgy, crossing the Cogwheel Railway and serving Normafa as well as […]

Movie Club

Movie club will watch a movie at a movie theater.  Then they will meet for a discussion. For more details see the NAWA members Announcements or contact

Guided Tour of the Puskas Football Academy

The Academy is 40 km from Budapest and was founded to encourage talented football players (both male and female). It is situated in Felcsút and was named after the famous Hungarian footballer, Ferenc Puskás. The Academy is worth visiting because of its spectacular architecture. The architect Imre Malkovecz was one of the most prominent proponents of […]