Market Walk

Grocery shopping in Hungary is not about going to the local supermarket and finding everything on your list. Most Hungarians go to their local market for meat, fish and fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables. Starting early, we will visit some local markets plus a few interesting specialty shops. Be prepared to take public transport as […]

Museum of Fine Arts: Pharaoh Amenhotep II

The exhibition presents the age of Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep II and the sensational discovery of his tomb with the life-size reconstruction of his burial chamber unearthed in the Valley of the Kings at its focus. Visitors can also familiarize themselves with the history of the great archaeological discovery based on the original documentation of the […]

Coffee & Chat

Catch up with friends, meet new people. Join us for coffee and chat on Thursday October 7 at 2 pm. We will be meeting at Gaby's (Budapest, Katona József u. 41, 1137). Newcomers welcome! RSVP

General Meeting

Explore Health!Join us! See "Meetings"

Lunch Bunch

Lunch at Anonymous after the General Meeting