The following are some useful websites for NAWA members and expats.
More can be found in Surviving and Thriving: A Guide to Living in Budapest – American International School Budapest – American school operating in Budapest for K-12 – European branch of the American online bookseller offering English books, films and music  – Information about issues that are important to American Citizens living abroad – Budapest Tourism Office- Official tourist website of Budapest – Updated happenings in and around Budapest – Constantly updated Central European news in English  – Events at Central European University – Dental Services – User friendly train schedules for domestic and international destinations – Comprehensive video guides for expatriates on the move – Helping you to enjoy life in Hungary. Headline news and events in English – Health services – Free English bi-weekly magazine packed full of great things to do around town – Comprehensive international and domestic train, bus and boat schedules in Europe and elsewhere – International Women’s Club Association- Budapest – Inter-city train schedules for Hungary – Food, wine and market tours in Budapest and Hungary – News information and inspiration for expat life in Hungary