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Coffee & Chat at 2:00 pm
Hauer Cukraszda
Rákóczi út 47-49
1088 Budapest
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General Meeting
Tuesday, January 15, 2019
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About NAWA

..NAWA is a non-profit association organized by
..volunteers who provide a variety of
..social events where members can meet,
..share experiences and learn more about
..their host country.
0NAWA is open to women from North American
..countries (USA, Canada and Mexico) and to E.
English ..speaking  women from all over the world.
0              Women’s Day General Meeting

Why Join NAWA?

There are a  raft of reasons to become part of this dynamic club, but the first and foremost one is friendship. NAWA provides a warm and welcoming vehicle for meeting women with similar backgrounds and interests through a variety of social activities.

NAWA holds seven themed general meetings over the course of the year, where refreshments are available free of charge. The December meeting consists of a special cocktail party and in May the End-of- Year Luncheon takes place, which is covered by your membership fees. See Monthly Meetings.

Throughout the year, NAWA organizes a number of social activities where members can connect with one another while enjoying all that the city has to offer. Coffee and Chats and the Lunch Bunch are regular offerings and a variety of tours, outings and other activities are offered as the occasions arise. Evening activities which include spouses, such as Happy Hours, are held on a regular basis and we are hoping to organize some family events over the upcoming season. See Activities and Calendar.

Charity is a big part of NAWA membership and our hands-on activities are what distinguish us from most other clubs. Join us at our different programs. And don’t forget Mikulas, when we deliver seasonal treats and small gifts to the seniors and orphans we support throughout the year. See Charity.

The availability of special interest groups are another key component of NAWA membership. We have clubs that have been going on for years and we continue to create new groups as interest arises, feeding mind, body and soul. See Groups.

New NAWA members receive our information-packed publication Surviving & Thriving: A Guide to Living in Budapest (S&T).

NAWA members receive weekly announcements, which keeps them apprised of both NAWA and community  events.

NAWA members can join our Facebook Group, which is a place to share tips on a great new shop or restaurant, find a buyer for your old dining room table, pass on a job opportunity or ask for advice on life in Budapest. It’s your forum to discuss whatever you’d like, and even post photos!

And finally, NAWA membership offers members great deals and discounts (see below).

Want to join NAWA? For more information on how to become a member contact Marina Mayer, Membership Chair, at nawamembership@gmail.com

Click on the video below and let some of our members tell you why they joined NAWA.

Membership Fees

The membership year runs from September through May and the annual fee for NAWA is 18,000 HUF (from January to May the fee is 12,000 HUF) Guests are welcome to attend our general meetings for 2,000 HUF.
Donations to Surviving & Thriving: A Guide to Living in Budapest will be going towards charity activities.

To Join NAWA

You can sign up at our weekly Coffee and Chats or at our monthly General Meetings. If you have any questions or require further information, please contact:  Marina Mayer, Membership Chair, at nawamembership@gmail.com

Surviving & Thriving: A Guide to Living in Budapest

Surviving & Thriving: A Guide to Living in Budapest has been published annually since 1995 to serve as an invaluable resource for those in the expatriate community. It is filled with recommendations of service providers, retail outlets and restaurants, children’s activities, entertainment, as well as tips to help you navigate the language and settle into your new home.

All of this vital information is compiled by members of the North American Women’s Association (NAWA) on a voluntary basis. We continuously update our database to reflect the dynamic nature of Budapest, so if you have comments on the listings, or a positive experience to share, please contact our editor, Marilena Marczinka, at nawasurvivingandthriving@gmail.com

Benefits of NAWA Membership

NAWA Discounts
NAWA discounts available to members when presenting their 2018 – June 30, 2019 membership card:

2018 – June 30, 2019 NAWA Discounts
10% off at Made by You (en.madebyyou.hu)
10% off at La Delizia (2 stores)
10% off at Varga Crystal (they will donate 5% to NAWA charity
15% FirstMed Annual Premium Plan for new individuals
15% off at Noir ChocoBar

* FirstMed Discount Offer to NAWA Members
FirstMed would like to extend an offer of 15% off their annual Premium plan to NAWA for new individual plans.
Click on this page  for more information.2

Members will need to show their NAWA membership cards to receive any of the above discounts.
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